The Mind of an Artist

When I’m down hearted my creativity sparks up.

The paint seems to flow more freely from the paint brush onto the canvas, it’s gestures creating the emotions I’m feeling.

Late at night my head is buzzing. Little ideas fly around my brain as if they were bees bustling around a hive.

I can’t make it stop, the only way to calm it is to open the notes on my phone and type away all my ideas and thoughts as the light illuminates my face.

I know in the morning I’ll be tired and irritable, but I’ll be happy again when I’m trying to get to sleep the next night and my head’s teeming with ideas again.

Creativity is a struggle. It leaches out all the sadness you feel and creates beautiful strokes of paint to make art. It’s the sleep we sacrifice to better our ideas and thoughts.

It’s our life. If we didn’t create we’d be stuck in our heads wondering how to express the thoughts buzzing in and out, day and night.


Words by Kathryn Allison

Photography by Wilson Adams

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