Who runs the world… cats?

By Victoria Moore

It’s an interesting position to be in to be somewhat afraid of your own pet, and, for that matter, to have other people scared of the fluffy little creature that completes the family.

Now don’t get me wrong, she is my baby. But it is somewhat disconcerting not being entirely sure whether she is rubbing up against your leg because she is simply being affectionate, or whether she is doing it because she thinks it looks like a tasty morsel.

A cat such as mine, who is in all seriousness a little tiger (capable of ripping open your shins if you get on her wrong side), senses fear.  If you hesitate to pick her up, she knows. If you act skittish around her, fearing for the state of your legs because you have to wear a short dress later in the day, it’s like a red rag to a bull.  She knows and she is prepared to pounce.

It is well known among cat enthusiasts (of which I am obviously not one…) that cats can sense when someone is afraid of them. Upon this revelation some cats will go out of their way to plague the person in any way they can.  An act my cat has purr-fected.

Described by some as the ‘spawn of Satan’ (which I personally think is taking it a bit far), this little beastie likes to circle her prey.  It’s a combination of having a shark mentality – the tail upright like a fin – and behaving like a lion which she quite obviously inherited some traits from.

I like to think that she is simply asserting her number-one ranking within the domain and making it quite clear who runs the house.

She doesn’t often attack unprovoked.  She simply doesn’t respond to some of those more typical cat stereotypes.  She doesn’t like strange people touching her and she detests being made to leave the house when she isn’t quite ready to leave.

Like all devious female cats she has one or two tricks up her sleeve.  She plays the “pat me, I’m so gorgeous card” all too well, lulling unsuspecting or even forewarned visitors to the house into thinking that she is placid and “pat-able”.  I repeat: this is not the case.  The thrill of the pat seems to entice all too many, resulting in what I like to call “love bites”.

While the book How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You? gives helpful hints to identify whether said creature is after your blood – such as, “if your cat is bringing you dead animals – it isn’t a gift. It’s a warning” – it’s no secret with my little kitty.

Be warned, she is always plotting. Whether she is going to act on her premonitions, however, is another question entirely.

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