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screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-6-07-18-pmRavenous after a long and tiring journey down the Great Ocean Road, our team decided to pay a visit to one of many coastal pastry outlets, the Apollo Bay Bakery. The experience kicked off well with friendly service and free tomato sauce, exemplifying some true Aussie spirit. Unfortunately, it all went downhill from there. The first blunder presented itself when we ordered a flat white which was put through as a long black. This was an honest mistake, however, the second anomaly could not be forgiven. Upon ordering what was supposed to be a Curry Steak Pie, it was discovered that in fact there was no steak to be found—only mince meat. Bite after bite, we searched for the promised steak but to no avail. Furious with this false advertising, our team promptly took our leave and continued on our scenic route with sunken heads and broken dreams.


duffysImpromptu visit to Duffy’s Bakery, Norwood on a Friday afternoon. As soon as we exited our local supermarket and sensed that mouthwatering scent wafting from Duffy’s doors, we were sold. It’s a well known fact amongst pastry enthusiasts that it is often a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll, however today this was not the case. If only the service was as inviting. It can become tiring being the recipient of adolescent attitude issues as we bakery-hop our way through town. Yes love, I know you’re fifteen and don’t want to be here but I need to get my chops around a pie, pronto! As our legendary baking fanatic Jack exclaimed, “You don’t just shove the sauce in anywhere!” But she did. Not overly impressed today, however the food itself was not particularly
at fault. Unsure if we will be visiting Duffy’s again and quite frankly, we don’t give a Duff!



wattleCrisp air and unexpected warm weather called for a surprise pop-in to the well-respected Wattle Park Bakery. Expectations were high for pastry enthusiast Jordan Leovi?, eager to get his chops around the renowned Chunky Steak pie (not to be pronounced ‘Stunky Cheak’). The snack certainly hit the mark with its rich avour, but the dry texture of the steak was a slight letdown. Abigael tossed up between the Tuna Mornay and the Chicken & Mushroom pie, siding with the former and lapping up its creamy mashed potato. Service, on the other hand, was disappointingly lukewarm and we would’ve liked to see a few more smiles on dials.




port-elliotAfter a brisk early morning walk along SA’s Granite Island, we were feeling rather peckish and in need of a caffeine fix. Anyone who’s anyone in this industry knows there’s no better place along the Fleurieu Peninsula for this type of pit-stop—Port Elliot Bakery. Although previously reviewed on our page, this impeccably well-run establishment is so highly renowned amongst South Australians that it deserved a second mention. Today, with much pleasure, I stomached a Steak, Cheese and Bacon pie which was arguably the single best article of pastry I have consumed thus far in my career. My pals also noted that their barista-made coffees were incredibly ‘on point’ and satisfied their need for that mid-morning buzz. Whether you’re simply a local, or a pastry connoisseur like my
colleagues and I, you can always expect great things from this eatery.


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Words & Images by Abby Daly

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