Banging Biscuit Reviews

Short, sweet biccy reviews for the bored and hungry.

Arnott’s Tim Tams

Tim Tams are the true essence of Australian cuisine. So much so I would even go as to say it’s ‘UnAustralian’ if you don’t crush a packet of these on an evening binge. A chocolate crème centre sandwiched by two crumbly chocolate biscuits coated in a layer of, what’s that? More mouth-watering chocolate. I’m salivating just thinking about it. But don’t you dare stray from the original recipe, that my friend is dangerous territory (except you Caramel Tim Tams, you can join the party anytime).


Arnott’s Scotch Finger

This is the ultimate dunking biscuit to go with your hot drink of choice (and yes that drink will always be Milo). A classic buttery shortbread biscuit that snaps in two to make your dunking experience that little bit more special. However, the biscuit’s crumbly nature can prove problematic at times when you’re left with soggy remains in your carefully prepped evening drink. But this is a minor downfall when compared to the satisfying texture the crumbliness gives the Scotch Finger.

Arnott’s Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheels are a bloody meal in themselves. Definitely not your ‘Sunday arvo cuppa tea’ biscuit that’s for sure but you still can’t fault this goddamn tasty invention. The Wagon Wheel isn’t just oozing with nostalgia but oozes a sticky marshmallow and raspberry jam filling between two crispy shortbread biscuits coated in glossy milk chocolate. I mean dieting isn’t natural anyway okay.


Arnott’s TeeVee Snacks


EVERY class party in grade five whacked a box of these bad boys out. And for good reason too, they are so darn moreish. But I’ve got to say, there is a shameful amount of biscuits in one box. Not sure how mums across Australia got away with providing one measly box for class parties for so long when a box will last you one episode on Netflix at most. Besides that, TeeVee Snacks are a bloody cracking biccy that combines crunchiness with melt in your mouth chocolaty goodness. Malt sticks are the preferred variation.


A delicious miracle in food chemistry, these are the ultimate comfort food. That being said I wouldn’t mind more crème in my chocolate biscuit sandwiches. More crème nearly always equates to a far superior biscuit. Plus you get way more enjoyment out of the twist, lick, dunk regime (BTW great marketing with that Oreo, love your stuff). 10/10 would shamelessly eat another packet again.


Arnott’s Iced VoVo

There is a reason why good ol’ Kevin Rudd referred to the Iced VoVo in his election victory speech, and that’s because they’re a bloody winner. Definitely one for the sweet toothed, the biscuit keeps the ‘My Little Pony’ design alive with its vivid pink and fairy dust like coating. It’s got jam, it’s got icing, and it’s got coconut that makes you cough a little when you inhale too quickly. Definitely one for your midnight snack itinerary.

Words by Bridget Kerry.

Images by Rachael Sharman.






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