No One Can Be Trusted: Board Game Reviews

Lies, secrets, betrayal. Reviews to help you choose between the most cut-throat, friendship destroying board games.

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition)

A Game of Thrones has truly come alive, and as Cersei Lannister most famously observed: you either win, or you die.

I have journeyed out from my home in Winterfell and extended my army across the entirety of the north. With a strong force of cavalry, infantry, and ships I have formulated a sequence of attacks that are bound to see me conquer the Greyjoy’s stronghold, Pyke.

However, a swift glance up from the game board at my once honourable friend reveals a shattering truth: I can’t trust anyone.

My forces are battered and I have no option but to retreat to familiar land. I mistakenly underestimated Balon Greyjoy, and only a timely intervention from the Lannister waters can save me now. Lies, secrets, betrayal. This world brings out the worst in my friends (and myself).

My reality is blurred and my alliances are fragile. There’s blood on my dining table. If Balon doesn’t behead me, my mum certainly will. “Focus,” I remind myself.

Desperate and anguished, I exert all my forces. It’s no use. My ‘friends’ have ganged up on me. Balon emerges from Ironman’s Bay, wiping out my entire strength. Powerless, I look him in the eye with desolation and plea. He meets my gaze with a fierce hatred, and in that instant I realise that help isn’t coming.

Monopoly: Adelaide Edition

Monopoly is renowned for creating a wretched hive of greed and villainy, and the Adelaide Edition is no exception.

Navigating Adelaide’s CBD is simple. I know this place like the back of my hand, from the earthy browns of the Art Gallery to the striking blue lights of Adelaide Oval. With the first lap unfolding slowly, each player’s escapade around town is civil—pleasant, you might say.

But not for long.

Each lap of Adelaide is distressingly similar to reality. I’m invincible. I’m broke. Self-hatred is my downfall.

Adelaide is a labyrinth of lies, manipulation, and deception. A $200 train ticket leaves me in debt to my ‘best’ friend.

The life lessons are piercing: no one gets rich renting and in this cruel, competitive world you will always be on your own.

Before a victor is established, the game implodes from a destructive combination of player boredom, verbal warfare, and financial disaster.

Congratulations, Monopoly. You have successfully destroyed friendships. Though this time, it is a little too close to home.

Ultimate Werewolf: One Night

The village is under a silent siege. Werewolves have thrown the town into an inhospitable trance of paranoia and villagers have been found dead each morning. A werewolf is living amongst us, but who is it?

I wake up to a spine-chilling howl. It’s midnight, and tonight is a full moon. I am being summoned and I know exactly what for. I am a werewolf.

The town wakes and each player examines one another. This role requires skill, strategy, and luck. The social deduction and player elimination begins instantly, and I beg that I have the strength to survive.

Each accusation and rebuttal is heavy on the psychological manipulation. Each role comes with power, however there are criminals amongst us. Have they stolen my identity?

The perplexing reality that I might not be who I think I am overwhelms me. Do I still have a duty to kill my friends?

Lies, over-analysing, and deception triggers endless questions that are impossible to answer.

Although there is safety in numbers, no one can be trusted.

Words by Adrienne Goode

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