Film Review: Where To Invade Next

Where To Invade Next
Directed by Michael Moore

The next offering from notorious documentary maker Michael Moore is surprisingly different from its predecessors. Where to Invade Next is the most unbiased and accusatory we’ve seen from Moore, who travels the world with a sense of discovery and reflection. The premise is simple; he “invades” other countries “on behalf” of America to find laws and methods to make America great again. He’s simply making comparisons, there’s no political agenda to shut down corporations or to point fingers, instead he’s just trying to show where America has gone wrong.

All along, he keeps his sharp wit and cynical humour that we’ve come to know and enjoy, often planting the U.S. flag like it’s the moon landing and saying, “we’re gonna steal this idea from you and then in a few months we’ll say it was our idea all along—it’s what we’re good at.”

Moore travels to Italy, France, Tunisia, Norway and other destinations to learn their policies on employment, school cafeterias, education and the prison system. As usual, Moore employs poignant edits, often contrasting what’s being said with what is being shown. The documentary opens with a number of speeches from elected American officials, discussing the threats of ISIS and other opposing powers. On screen however, are homegrown terrors such as police brutality at the Ferguson Riots and visuals of poverty-stricken neighbourhoods.

It’s strong imagery that really has you thinking by the time he’s aboard the S.S. Reagan heading to Italy to “do service for his country”—and service he does. He delivers audiences an eye opening look at policies around the world, leaving them to reflect not only on America, but even the policies implemented on home ground. As Moore states, perhaps the answer is closer to home than we realise…

Words by Maddie Ramsey

See Where To Invade Next at Palace Nova Cinemas from Thursday 7 April.

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