Rudd vs. Gillard vs. Abbott vs. Turnbull vs. the people of Australia. That’s what this battle is shaping up to look like. We’ve had years of infighting and name-calling, “gender cards” and budgie smugglers, and it all comes down to (possibly) September and (definitely) your votes.

Voting in the election is compulsory. Unfortunately, intelligent discussion about the election is not.

Virgin Voters is an initiative put forward to get young people and first-time voters engaged and educated about the election, so they don’t waste their precious vote when they come to the ballot box.

Voting for Mickey Mouse might be get you some laughs from your buddies, but it won’t give you increased funding at universities, better health care or action on climate change.

First time voters are encouraged to join the Voicebox, where they can get and share information in a supportive, troll-free environment. There will be an online radio and television channel opening up soon as well, for all you visual learners.

UniLife Magazine and the University of South Australia have been invited to take part in Virgin Voters’ program. As part of their OnCampus section of the website, university student papers are welcome to submit articles on any political subject leading up to the election.

UniLife Magazine is holding a competition to select our submissions.

Articles must:

  • Focus on an Australian political theme, or a subject relating to the 2013 election
  • Be around 1000 words (some flexibility)
  • Contain evidence of good research. You can be partisan, but you must support your arguments with proof.
  • Be civil.
  • Use a casual, relatable tone that is likely to interest 18-25-year-olds.

The prize?

Your credited article submitted to national newspapers, publication on the Virgin Voters site and in UniLife Magazine. Anyone looking to journalism as a career should take this on board seriously.


There will be two opportunities to submit for publication.

First: 5pm, Monday August 12

Second: 5pm, Wednesday September 4

Email submissions to walir001@mymail.unisa.edu.au

Read on to see Alana James’ article, To Good To Give Up, submitted for the Virgin Voters site launch.

Keep up to date online at www.virginvoters.com.au or through social media on Facebook and Twitter @VirginVotersAU #VirginVotersAU.

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