Edition 15

Imag[in]e: Ben Neale

Visual Communication second year student, Ben Neale, uses the lens to capture the ordinary, making it extraordinary.  I can’t help but notice your genuine interest in the city of Adelaide. What is it that you […]

Edition 14

Imag[in]e: Tim Wood

2016 graduating Bachelor of Illustration student, Tim Wood, combines fineliner illustrations to create surrealist work that tests our imagination.  You have a uniquely traditional meets contemporary style, where have you drawn this inspiration from? This […]

Edition 10

Imag[in]e: Hannah Vorrath-Pajak

Hannah Vorrath-Pajak challenges the perception of brown as a visually unpleasant colour. Currently studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts, her paintings feature refreshing takes on both the natural and constructed worlds.  Where do you draw […]

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ART REVIEW: Adelaide International 2012: Restless

The Adelaide International 2012: Restless is a collection exploring the “restlessness of our times” – but this show delves far beyond the realms of compulsive social networking and kids who’ve had too many red frogs. Curator Victoria Lynn approaches Artistic Director Paul Grabowsky’s theme of ‘Heaven and Hell’ more conceptually than literally; there’s no fire, brimstone or feathers here. […]