Edition 16

Imag[in]e: Isabella Whittaker

Isabella Whittaker is the creator of ‘Babes’, which is a collection of the grooviest people you’ve ever laid eyes on. Explore the wonderland as Verse’s very own graphic designer Rachael talks to Isabella about all […]

Edition 14

The Girl in the Cafe

Darkness. One dim light. Empty café. Surroundings blur around the pretty brunette at the centre table, concentrating on her coffee, her face hidden beneath her yellow hat. It was quite unusual to see such a […]

Edition 12

Tiny Gallery: Isabella Whittaker

Isabella Whittaker is an enthusiastic young designer who has recently discovered a new style of drawing. These groovy ‘babes’ heavily reflect imperfection and individuality while recognising realistic body shapes and sizes. She has also incorporated birds, plants […]