Edition 19

Morning Coffee

Clinking of porcelain Rolling water boils Preparations are made The jar seal breaks A measure is taken Given in plenty The hunger deepens Salivating patiently Water is poured The level rises A blessed sight Bringer […]

Edition 14


Once your words were not lost, Now they hover in confusion. Dispersed amongst the hollow fields, Swallowing the depth of your mind. Time ticks backwards to seal this fate, Do not ever believe you are […]

Edition 10

Star Sign

‘I’ve started to read your star sign.’ I could’ve guessed you were water before I knew your birthday. Just by looking at you I could tell. With our fingers linked, I could feel how free you […]

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By Peter Palmato Thorn Goodbye darling, The rose I thought I knew Was a thorn In truth Goodbye lovely, Kisses on your cheek I brushed my lips Past brambles in disguise Goodbye bad bitch, You […]

Feature articles

Beyond Lust and Envy

By Anne Jackson   lusting over shadows on a page false images parading on a glossy stage she starved, consumed by the craving to be fashionably thin to gain what was promised to those who fit […]