Edition 10

Strong Woman

#viajosola is the movement empowering women to travel alone. We shouldn’t be afraid to do it or expect bad things to happen. Travel opens us up to the world and its vast possibilities. But with […]

Edition 9

Blending In

Milan probably isn’t the first city to come to mind when you think of Italy — who could go without visiting Rome or Venice? I’d been to Italy before to visit family and more tourist-friendly […]

Edition 8

The U-Bahn

The train announces Orianenplatz and a worn-out Oma stirs her head. Between the shoulder pads of her winter coat she watches Berlin’s barren forest splinter behind the glass, and a young couple flirt over a […]

Edition 6

Be Above It

We’re constantly being asked (and asking ourselves), “What do you want to do as a career?” Some are fortunate enough to have known the answer to this question ever since they can remember, while others […]

Feature articles

Surviving Shanghai

By Alannah Williams ‘Woman chops off penis in Guangzhou province. Who wants this one?’ announces the editor from his office. The same man walks into the conference room and throws a stack of newspapers onto […]

Feature articles

An English lesson

Words and photo by Ebony Story The last thing I expected to find while studying overseas in the United Kingdom was the sheer amount of puns. Not just horrible attempts at puns found in newspapers (I’m […]