A Welcome to Commencing Students

First Times—what a fitting theme for the first issue of 2013. This year will bring many a ‘first time’ to most of you reading this. First year of university, first early-morning skipped lecture, first exam at the Showgrounds … the list goes on. And while I’m sure there are other non-university-related ‘first-times’ that many of you will experience (things I better not delve into) there is one thing for certain—you only get one first year of university!

To most of us, the first year brought with it new challenges, at least one P1 grade, and of course the dreaded three-hour lectures, which almost always fall on a Monday morning at 9am. It also brought with it the first pub crawl, the second pub crawl and the third pub crawl … You will meet new people, start new relationships and spend hundreds of dollars on useless textbooks. You will learn new things, get a parking fine (Magill students this one is for you), and probably ask for at least one extension on an assignment.

To all of the first year students, this is the beginning to the next stage of your life. And while studying is important, here at UniLife, we strive to make your university experience one you will never forget. To do this, we need your help. Tell us what you want. Let us hear your voice. Talk to one of your representatives and let them know what kind of changes you want made. That is why we are here.

Most importantly, good luck. Here is to a 2013 of many first times.

Best wishes,

Eleisa Hancock, City West student representative.

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