Meet The Columnists

By Matteo Gagliardi

2013 has ushered in a lot of changes at UniLife Magazine.

First, a new editorial team, led by the visionary Ilona Wallace, has taken the reigns with a commitment to continue the magazine’s development and role as a mouthpiece for UniSA students.

Then, the first edition of our print publication provided a fresh, new feel to the glossy magazine featured all over UniSA’s campuses; with more pages, new sections (check out UniSA Around The World or First Times to see this for yourself) and a completely new and original aesthetic styling thanks to new Graphics Editor, Josh Evans.

Now, we have a new, updated website, to keep the publication up-to-date with the digital revolution (welcome to the 21st century, guys).

Only thing is, the site has no original material to showcase the new design. So, we’ve decided to call in the cavalry and ask fellow students to help out. The result: UniLife Magazine has columnists for the first time.

Each columnist has proven their worth as a writer and pundit in their field. Most of them are veterans at UniLife Magazine and in the latter years of their studies.

They will be writing quality articles on their respective subjects every fortnight or so, with the hope that readers can find their niche and be interested in following it regularly.

We have a sharp, clued-in rolling stone in Ryan Mallett-Outtrim, who has traveled the world to learn about different societies, cultures and political systems, currently writing from a small Andean town in western Venezuela.

A long time UniLife contributor (I strongly recommend checking out his latest work, I Spy A Spy, featured in the first print edition), he will write about his travels and observations wandering the world in his column, An Activist Abroad. In his first piece, Wait…Venezuela isn’t an Orwellian nightmare?, Ryan dispels some preoccupations Westerners hold about the Socialist Latin American state.

For those more interested in some more local social commentary, check out Lucy Ahern’s column on pop-culture. Lucy has been churning out top-end content for UniLife since 2011 (see here or here for my personal favourites) and has kicked off her column with a commentary on the Harlem Shake YouTube phenomenon.

Of course, we want to cater to everyone’s interests so I’m looking forward to diversifying our content through the next two columns.

First, I’ve noticed lots of students taking time out of their lectures and tutes to update themselves on latest Dream Team or other fantasy leagues results. Max Burford – who is a UniLife debutant – will now be our resident sports reporter and will not only provide some well-informed sports analysis (such as his review of different sporting codes throughout the uni off-season), but also Dream Team tips in his column, Armchair All-Star.

Then, we’re also going to feature a fashion column. Anastasia Vento, another tried and proven UniLife contributor, calls herself a “self-diagnosed shopaholic” who wishes to write for fashion magazines in the future; when that time comes, UniLife Magazine will be proud to boast that it launched her career as a fashion columnist.

One thing all of these guys have in common is that they’re all journalism students. While UniLife aims to be a voice for all UniSA students (and we ask for contributions from students of all backgrounds and programs, a reason we launched the Your Story competition for international students), it is often used by our budding journos as a platform to launch their careers.

To further help catapult them into the industry, Christopher Testa will review the media landscape for us in his column, Smashing The Press Box. Christopher is well equipped to comment on issues the Australian media scene is confronted with, having worked for print, radio and online media outlets and spent copious hours combing the press to keep up to date with the news. And he’s keen to get amongst it, having already posted two articles on media entertainers and community radio.

But as expressed above, UniLife Magazine doesn’t exist just to promote our journalism students; if you have anything in mind you wish to express, we want to be your mouthpiece. This is why we enlisted a talented cooking student (and believe me when I say she’s talented – I’ve tried her stuff) to write a food blog.

Georgia Kay knows food. But more than that, she loves talking about it, which is what she’ll be doing in her column, The Gee Spot.

So there you have it, you’ve met the columnists. We hope to get you hooked on our product – we’re not ashamed to admit it – so you spend most of your time procrastinating and taking time off study on our site and not on Facebook.

And if you find there’s a topic you want to write about and we haven’t covered, feel free to inquire about starting a column yourself!

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