• Edition 23

    The Signs As: Phone App Users

    Aries: Reddit (Mar 21 – Apr 20) Is always on Reddit but somehow only has 1 Karma point; favourite subs are r/aww and r/whatcouldgowrong. Taurus: Snapchat (Apr [...]
  • Edition 23

    Review: Student Snacks

    Cheap and easy. Student snacks are the fuel that keeps assessments going, the victims of stress eating, the few items that take up the cavernous [...]
  • Edition 23

    Volunteering with AIESEC

    ‘It’s six weeks! Are you sure you want to do this?’ ‘You don’t even know their language, how are you going to help them?’ ‘What [...]
  • Edition 23

    Road Trippin

    Day 3 A lone tree sat completely still in the barren and fiery desert. There was not even the slightest gust to bristle its leaves [...]
  • Edition 23


    Ella’s world was grey as she broke into a million pieces. Sobs racked her body as she convulsed on the cabin floor. A book lay [...]


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Edition 17

New Month, New Me

I’ve never been one for New Years Resolutions. I’ve always believed if you want to make a change, there is no reason to wait. However, there is something refreshing about starting on a Monday, or […]

Edition 18

Playing Hopscotch with Sexuality

Explaining sexual orientation is far more complicated than it strictly needs to be. For starters, there are the standard self-identifiers you get given in your ‘Sexuality 101’ class: ‘homosexual’, ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, ‘heterosexual’ and ‘bisexual’, before […]