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    The darkness lurked in the shadows of my mind, prowled in the alleys of my soul, tainted my innocence, and held me captive over time. [...]
  • Edition 24

    Review: Obscure Sex Positions

    Ah sex, sometimes it feels like everything is euphoric and it’s the best thing since sliced bread, other times it’s just plain shit and you [...]
  • Edition 24

    Let’s Talk About Sex (Ed) Baby

    Sexual education is important, not only for our physical health and safety, such as the prevention of STIs and unwanted pregnancies, but also for our [...]


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Feature articles

Edition 18

By Definition

Slut: (n) a woman who engages in casual sex with multiple partners By definition, I am a slut. So fuck you. Here I am. This ‘label’ is foreign to me though. I’ve never seen myself […]

Edition 19

Imag[in]e: Madeleine Larkin

Welcome to the world of student, Madeleine Larkin. Currently studying teaching at UniSA, illustrating is a mighty fine outlet to make something of everything. Combing line work with bright spots of colour Madeline invites everyone […]

Edition 19

Morning Coffee

Clinking of porcelain Rolling water boils Preparations are made The jar seal breaks A measure is taken Given in plenty The hunger deepens Salivating patiently Water is poured The level rises A blessed sight Bringer […]