• Edition 19

    What Comes Next

      Grief is a deeply personal experience that can’t really be explained. However, Isobel does a magical job at it. Take pride in your new [...]
  • Edition 19

    Your Grabby Hands

    A word to the wise from Sister Seuss.   I am woman Woman, I am That man-oh-man That man-oh-man! I do not like that man-oh-man [...]
  • Edition 19

    Ambrosia of Melody

    Most concerts allow punters to have experiences close to heavenly. This piece explores some of the power and magic possible at a gig. The song [...]


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Edition 18

Imag[in]e: Danny Jarratt

3rd Year Visual Artist, Danny Jarratt, explores pop culture, queer theory, male form and ethnic representation to express diversity across the canvas. Specialising in painting, he chatted with Rachael Sharman, claiming that “…anyone can make […]

Edition 18

You Suck at Orgasms

As we, as a society become more and more aware and enlightened about sex, there seems to be more and more pressure on us as individuals to be knowledgeable and sophisticated and just generally up […]


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