• Edition 19

    What Comes Next

      Grief is a deeply personal experience that can’t really be explained. However, Isobel does a magical job at it. Take pride in your new [...]
  • Edition 19

    Your Grabby Hands

    A word to the wise from Sister Seuss.   I am woman Woman, I am That man-oh-man That man-oh-man! I do not like that man-oh-man [...]
  • Edition 19

    Ambrosia of Melody

    Most concerts allow punters to have experiences close to heavenly. This piece explores some of the power and magic possible at a gig. The song [...]


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Edition 17

Gorgeous Garlic Bread Reviews

There’s a reason as to why garlic bread has built a cult-like following. Pizza Shop Garlic Bread The booty call of garlic breads. It’s thick, it’s sexy and it’s lathered in grease and ready for […]

Edition 19

Morning Coffee

Clinking of porcelain Rolling water boils Preparations are made The jar seal breaks A measure is taken Given in plenty The hunger deepens Salivating patiently Water is poured The level rises A blessed sight Bringer […]


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